HUMONGOUS episode of Sound of Hockey this week, as the guys welcome Julie Stewart-Binks, host of the Fubo Sports Network’s “Call it a Night with Julie Stewart-Binks” and “Drinks with Binks.”

With Julie, the guys discuss her very unique career covering MLB, MLS, and (of course) the NHL, where she spent several seasons reporting on the Ducks and Kings, among others. Also with Julie, lots of chatter about her beloved Maple Leafs and her thoughts on Seattle as a sports market.

Aside from the very fun interview with Julie, there’s just generally good banter this week, with some Seattle updates, another coach getting fired and quickly replaced, memories from the KHL All-Star Game, and some serious consideration about whether Alex Ovechkin is the best goal scorer of all time. John also forces Darren to talk about the Blackhawks for some reason.

Segments this week include Goalie Gear Corner, Weekly One-Timers, and Games on the Radar.