HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Sound Of Hockey Podcast!

The Sound Of Hockey Podcast guys are back with another great episode and a great guest, seventeen-year-old Conner Roulette of the Seattle Thunderbirds. Conner was recently listed as an “A” prospect on NHL Central Scouting’s list for the 2021 Entry Draft and has an interesting story to tell. With Conner, the guys talk about his clever goal song, his experience as an indigenous player in the hockey community, and much more.

Also in this episode, John, Andy, and Darren discuss the latest NHL news – signings, rumors, return to play, etc. – and they chat about whether or not Connor McDavid’s new house should be getting as much scrutiny as it has been receiving online. Oh, and Adam Gaudette kicked his new wife in the head (by accident). 

Goalie Gear Corner is special this week, as the guys break down Darren’s new goalie mask! See photos below, or watch the video that Darren made here.