What, you thought the Sound Of Hockey Podcast was going to wait until AFTER the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft to publish its next episode? Well, with the entire hockey world abuzz with discussion about the Expansion Draft protected lists that got released on Sunday, there was just no way that John, Andy, and Darren could have waited that long to bring you their reactions.

This episode is a little more “from the hip” than regular episodes of the show, but the hosts do everything they can to touch on all of the big Seattle Kraken news from the past few days. Topics covered include the very chaotic pre-draft trade frenzy that closed Saturday, Ron Francis’s latest media availability, and of course the protection lists. 

The review of the Expansion Draft protected lists largely comes by way of a game of “Interesting or Carry-On,” but the guys are very careful to touch on all the biggest-named players that have been exposed for Wednesday’s Expansion Draft. This show should bring you fully up to speed for that event. 





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