The Sound Of Hockey guys are riding high for Episode 156, as they’re back in BarrDown Studios to record together for the first time since the start of the pandemic, and the Seattle Kraken are playing real (preseason) hockey. 

There’s plenty of Kraken talk in this episode, as John, Andy, and Darren relive their experiences from the first-ever preseason game for the franchise, which was played in Spokane this past week. They discuss their own feelings from the day, the hints at what the Kraken Game Ops Department will do, and how the team looked on the ice. 

Also in this episode, Andy and Darren chat with Chris Joswiak, the pro rep for Brian’s Custom Sports, because who doesn’t like a good Brian’s setup? Yes, things get a little heavy on the goalie gear in this conversation, but it’s a fascinating interview from which the guys think all hockey fans will learn. 

Segments on this episode include Weekly One-Timers and Tweets of the Week.