Episode 161 of the Sound Of Hockey Podcast is here. Lots to break down for the guys this week, both from the Kraken perspective and from the hockey world in general. First, they dig in a bit on Seattle’s first homestand and what they liked and didn’t like from the team, as well as the experience of attending the games. They also share some updates on what’s coming from the Kraken for the rest of the week. 

They then move on to the story that gripped the whole hockey world this past week, which was the Kyle Beach and Chicago Blackhawks situation. Interestingly, John, Andy, and Darren did not go into the show with the intention of talking about it that much, being that it has been discussed so broadly over the last week. But once they got talking about it, it was hard to stop. 

We then get an update of what’s happening down on the farm, a Serious Business, Goalie Gear Corner, and Bad Boys. We also hear a Get Off My Lawn from Darren, who is irked that other larger outlets seem to have no issue stealing content. 

The show closes with Weekly One-Timers and Tweets of the Week.