Thrilled to be back in BarrDown Studios, things go a bit haywire on this latest episode of the Sound Of Hockey Podcast. Darren, John, and Andy start off well, exuberant about being back in the same room. But the show hits the fan toward the end, when Andy notices that a certain important weekly segbit has been completely skipped. Hilarity ensues. 

The guys start this episode by discussing the Kraken’s controversial foray into NFT’s, before meticulously breaking down the games that have passed since the last show. 

When they’ve gotten through all the Kraken news, the guys discuss the firestorm of COVID around the NHL and what it means. They then give a WHL Update before some World Junior Championship discussion. They eventually move on to segbits, and that’s where things go sideways. 

Segbits this week include (sort of) Get Off My Lawn, Goalie Gear Corner, Three Stars, and eventually Weekly One-Timers.





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