Hi gang! First off, we wanted to thank you for your support over the years, dating back to the NHLtoSeattle days, when all we had to talk about was the political landscape of bringing an NHL team to the Pacific Northwest, arena construction updates, and goalie gear. While the content was a little different back then, those were important times for laying the groundwork of our corner of the hockey community, and many of you have stuck with us through thick and thin.

To all who have read our articles, listened to our podcasts, watched our videos, and engaged with us on social media over the years, we cannot thank you enough.

Now, as the Seattle Kraken enter their third season, our community has grown by leaps and bounds, and we feel the time is right to take the next step in our journey.

Why we launched a Patreon

From the beginning, we’ve been hearing feedback from many of you that you want to support our cause financially for the work we do, but we never wanted to alienate any part of our following. We have been resistant to this change, because we have never wanted to put content behind a paywall.

But learning from models like KEXP Radio, we believe there is a world in which we can continue to provide the same level of content for everyone, regardless of your desire or ability to contribute.

Want to show your support but don’t have a lot to give? Consider joining the “Learn to Play” tier for $1 a month. Have more to give and also want to contribute on behalf of others? Join the “All Star” tier for $20 a month.

For those that have that financial wherewithal to help others contribute, we’re throwing some extra benefits your way.

What changes

For non-members, nothing changes. We will never block you from listening to our podcast or reading our stories on soundofhockey.com.

For members who contribute $5 or more per month, you’ll get extra content, opportunities for in-person meetups and live podcasts, and much more.

Click here to view the different tiers, with the “All Star” level providing you unprecedented access to the SoundOfHockey team, including some fun opportunities to meet up with your beloved podcast hosts for hockey watching.

We are thrilled to be making this next step in the process of building our community, and we hope you’ll consider taking the leap with us.

To our new Patreon members, welcome aboard!