You’ve heard of a top-100 prospects list. But who needs those? At Sound Of Hockey we set out on a much more reckless endeavor: Let’s rank every skater prospect (both drafted and signed players) that meet two criteria entering the 2023-24 season: (1) younger than 25 years old, and (2) fewer than 50 NHL games played.

While we likely missed a few along the way, our research turned up 1027 skaters meeting these criteria–and we ranked them all. Our ranking is built on Thibaud Chatel’s NHL equivalency research and uses only quantifiable measures: prospect points per game, strength of the player’s current league, prospect age, and prospect height, with a minor adjustment for positional value. 

The approach we used was similar to our approach in making a data-based ranking of 2023 NHL Draft and 2024 NHL Draft prospects. If you want the full gory details on method, check out this post describing the process from earlier this offseason.

For current purposes, it is likely sufficient to reiterate that this is a true “data-only” ranking with no adjustments for subjective preferences or the “eye test.” For example, Connor Bedard would be my No. 1 prospect if I were assembling a personal list, but the NHL equivalency-based approach I used here puts him fourth. 

This “data-only” exercise is meant to compliment traditional scouting assessments. Are there players that the scouting lists have overlooked? If so, we can dig in and try to figure out if the player is simply under-appreciated or if there is a flaw in the player’s game that could hold the player back. The data is helpful in honing in on these outlier cases that may be worthy of a second look (for good or bad).

Without further ado, you can find the full ranking, with a lot of data on each prospect HERE.

Important note on using the NHL affiliate prospect ranking: If you want to filter the data by various categories, highlight row 3, then select “Data,” “Filter Views,” and “Create New Temporary Filter View.” This will allow you to manipulate the data in a way visible only to you.

Which prospects have the most impressive data profiles?

Based on prospect scoring, strength of league, age, height, and position only, here is your “data-only” top-100 prospects.

Prospect RankingFull NameTeamPositionHeight (ft in)AgeDraft YearDraft PickChatel NHLe (unadjusted)
1Adam FantilliCBJC6′ 2″182023338.59
2Alexander NikishinCARD6′ 3″2220206945.41
3Matvei MichkovPHIRW5′ 10″182023739.01
4Connor BedardCHIC5′ 10″182023135.55
5David JiricekCBJD6′ 4″192022629.99
6Brandt ClarkeLAKD6′ 2″202021833.58
7Joakim KemellNSHRW5′ 11″1920221735.64
8Jiri KulichBUFC5′ 11″1920222833.46
9Logan CooleyARIC5′ 10″192022332.83
10Kaiden GuhleMOND6′ 2″2120201633.55
11Luke HughesNJDD6′ 2″202021426.22
12Leo CarlssonANAC/RW6′ 3″182023226.57
13Lukas ReichelCHILW/RW6′ 0″2120201737.81
14Lane HutsonMOND5′ 9″1920226226.22
15Jakob PelletierCGYLW/C5′ 9″2220192646.50
16Quentin MustySJSLW6′ 2″1820232624.80
17William SmithSJSC6′ 0″182023426.08
18Luke EvangelistaNSHRW6′ 0″2120204237.38
19Marco RossiMINC5′ 9″222020941.72
20Gabriel PerreaultNYRRW5′ 11″1820232325.83
21Marat KhusnutdinovMINC/LW5′ 11″2120203735.51
22Simon NemecNJDD6′ 1″192022223.47
23Jimmy SnuggerudSTLRW6′ 1″1920222326.65
24Ryker EvansSEAD5′ 11″2120213531.29
25Roby JarventieOTTLW6′ 2″2120203332.60
26William EklundSJSC/LW5′ 11″202021733.03
27Nikita GrebyonkinTORLW/RW6′ 2″20202213529.11
28David ReinbacherMOND6′ 2″182023520.49
29Juuso ParssinenNSHC/LW6′ 3″22201921039.11
30Jeremie PoirierCGYD6′ 1″2120207227.38
31Jean-Luc FoudyCOLC5′ 11″2120207533.90
32Alexander HoltzNJDRW6′ 0″212020734.77
33Ridly GreigOTTC/LW6′ 0″2120202832.16
34Nikolai KovalenkoCOLRW/LW5′ 10″23201817153.56
35Jordan SpenceLAKD5′ 10″2220199534.33
36Simon EdvinssonDETD6′ 6″202021622.60
37Ville HeinolaWPGD6′ 1″2220192031.73
38Justin BarronMOND6′ 2″2120202527.81
39Graeme ClarkeNJDRW6′ 0″2220198037.38
40Jordan DumaisCBJRW5′ 8″1920229626.76
41Tyson FoersterPHIRW6′ 2″2120202332.16
42Cutter GauthierPHILW/C6′ 2″192022524.73
43Nikita AlexandrovSTLC6′ 1″2320196240.42
44Fabian LysellBOSRW5′ 11″2020212129.12
45Matthew PoitrasBOSC5′ 11″1920225425.14
46Colby BarlowWPGLW6′ 0″1820231822.39
47Andrew CristallWSHLW5′ 10″1820234023.14
48Matthew WoodNSHLW/C6′ 5″1820231520.68
49Sasha PastujovANARW/LW6′ 0″2020216626.52
50Pavel MintyukovANAD6′ 1″1920221020.84
51Bogdan KonyushkovMOND5′ 11″20202311023.87
52Connor ZaryCGYC6′ 0″2220202433.46
53Daniil PylenkovTBLD6′ 1″23202119632.02
54William DufourNYIRW6′ 2″21202015230.42
55David GoyetteSEAC5′ 10″1920226124.62
56Olen ZellwegerANAD5′ 9″2020213422.03
57Dalibor DvorskySTLC/RW6′ 1″1820231020.47
58Niko HuuhtanenTBLRW6′ 2″20202122424.80
59Vasili PonomaryovCARC5′ 10″2120205331.29
60Shane WrightSEAC6′ 0″192022424.00
61Sean FarrellMONC/LW5′ 9″21202012433.26
62Matthew MaggioNYIRW5′ 11″20202214227.72
63Logan StankovenDALC/RW5′ 7″2020214728.58
64Logan MorrisonSEAC6′ 0″21N/AN/A28.24
65Zach BensonBUFLW5′ 9″1820231321.33
66Ty NelsonSEAD5′ 9″1920226819.98
67Shakir MukhamadullinSJSD6′ 4″2120202023.59
68Francesco PinelliLAKC6′ 0″2020214225.31
69William WallinderDETD6′ 4″2120203221.70
70Aatu JamsenLAKRW/LW6′ 1″21202019027.16
71Amadeus LombardiDETC5′ 10″20202211325.31
72Evan VierlingPITC6′ 0″21202012727.72
73Ty VoitTORW/C5′ 10″20202115325.14
74Samuel BolducNYID6′ 4″2220195727.38
75Ryan LeonardWSHC6′ 0″182023820.30
76Yegor SokolovOTTLW/RW6′ 3″2320206136.51
77Juraj SlafkovskyMONLW6′ 3″192022121.03
78Lukas CormierVGKD5′ 10″2120206824.34
79Gage GoncalvesTBLC6′ 0″2220206233.90
80Vladislav FirstovMINLW6′ 1″2220194230.86
81Joshua RoyMONW/C6′ 0″20202115023.35
82Arseni GritsyukNJDRW/LW5′ 11″22201912933.19
83Topi NiemelaTORD5′ 11″2120206423.47
84Will CuylleNYRLW6′ 3″2120206026.95
85Trey Fix-WolanskyCBJRW5′ 7″24201820450.41
86Elliot DesnoyersPHILW5′ 11″21202013528.68
87Cruz LuciusCARRW6′ 0″19202212421.32
88Rutger McGroartyWPGC/LW6′ 0″1920221421.32
89Michael BuchingerSTLD5′ 11″1920228817.91
90Nolan BurkeNSHC6′ 3″20N/AN/A23.76
91Matvei PetrovEDMRW/LW6′ 2″20202118023.25
92Isak RosenBUFW/C5′ 11″2020211424.34
93Adam EngstromMOND6′ 2″1920229217.71
94Semyon ChistyakovNSHD5′ 10″22201911725.62
95Maxim BeryozkinEDMRW/LW6′ 2″21202013827.95
96Jan JenikARIRW/C6′ 1″2320186533.90
97Declan ChisholmWPGD6′ 2″23201815031.73
98Rodwin DionicioANAD6′ 2″19202312916.88
99Stanislav SvozilCBJD6′ 0″2020216920.07
100Sam LipkinARILW/C6′ 2″20202122323.45

Digging into this data on the top-100 prospects a bit, I looked at just how much a player needs to score to be considered among this top tier of future NHL players. Depending on age and position, a major junior player needs to be scoring between one and two points per game to reach this upper echelon prospect status. An AHL or top European pro league player needs to produce between .4 and 1 points per game, while a KHL player can check in on the lower end of that range and still rank highly.

On the demographics side, Canada still leads the way in the hockey world, with 41 of the top 100 prospects hailing from the Great White North.

Of the top 100, 60 percent were first- or second-round draft picks. This underscores that NHL teams are efficient in identifying amateurs most likely to turn into productive professionals. It also supports the work of other draft analysts indicating that first- and second-round draft picks are by far the most valuable in generating future NHLers.

Of the top-100 prospects, only one was not drafted (reflected by the “null” in the chart above). Any guesses on who that might be? Keep reading for the answer.

Finally, let’s take an initial look at how these top-100 prospects are distributed across the NHL.

How do Seattle’s prospects stack up?

Since this website primarily covers the Seattle Kraken, many may be wondering where Seattle’s prospects stack up. The answer is: Quite well. Of course, the Kraken value data in their amateur scouting process, so this is not terribly surprising. Still, it is a notable success that Seattle has one of the deepest prospect pools of high-scoring, young talent despite participating in only three drafts (and having only three first-round picks to date). Two undrafted free agent signings stand out as important future pieces as well.

Prospect RankingFull NameTeamPositionHeight (ft in)AgeCountryDraft YearDraft PickChatel NHLe (unadjusted)
24Ryker EvansSEAD5′ 11″21CAN20213531.29
55David GoyetteSEAC/LW5′ 10″19CAN20226124.62
60Shane WrightSEAC6′ 0″19CAN2022424.00
64Logan MorrisonSEAC6′ 0″21CANN/AN/A28.24
66Ty NelsonSEAD5′ 9″19CAN20226819.98
101Tye KartyeSEAC/LW5′ 11″22CANN/AN/A31.29
118Lukas DragicevicSEAD6′ 1″18CAN20235714.92
137Ryan WintertonSEAC/RW6′ 2″20CAN20216720.32
141Jagger FirkusSEARW5′ 10″19CAN20223519.93
155Tucker RobertsonSEAC5′ 11″20CAN202212321.18
192Jani NymanSEARW6′ 2″19FIN20224916.92
194Jacob MelansonSEARW5′ 11″20CAN202113120.47
214Kyle JacksonSEALW/C6′ 2″20CAN202219619.98
242Kole LindSEARW6′ 1″24CAN20173341.29
253Carson RehkopfSEAC/LW6′ 2″18CAN20235014.46
366Andrei LoshkoSEAC/RW6′ 1″19BLR202311612.99
425Eduard SaleSEAC/RW6′ 2″18CZE20232011.41
445Marian StudenicSEALW/RW6′ 1″24SVK201714331.29
452Ville OttavainenSEAD6′ 5″21FIN20219911.81
498Caden PriceSEAD6′ 1″18CAN2023848.50
504Tyson JugnauthSEAD5′ 11″19CAN202210010.02
518Barrett HallSEAC6′ 1″19USA202216411.81
529Zaccharya WisdomSEARW6′ 0″19CAN202321211.37
619Oscar Fisker MolgaardSEAC6′ 0″18DNK2023528.84
670Ville PetmanSEAC/LW5′ 10″23FINN/AN/A17.38
712Zeb ForsfjallSEAC5′ 9″18SWE20231805.65
748Ben MacDonaldSEAC5′ 11″19USA2022918.12
777Justin JanickeSEALW/C5′ 11″20USA20211958.31
828Kaden HammellSEAD6′ 1″18CAN20231485.02
871Luke HenmanSEAC6′ 0″23CAN20189610.87
888Peetro SeppalaSEAD6’2″23FINN/AN/A7.39

By this point you have likely noticed the answer to our little trivia question–Seattle Kraken prospect Logan Morrison is the one undrafted prospect in the top-100. Who is the second-highest ranked undrafted prospect? Seattle Kraken F Tye Kartye, who checks in just outside the top-100 at No. 101 overall.

Next up: Ranking the prospect pools

How does the Kraken prospect pool stack up against the rest of the league? I’ll dig into that question a little further next time. In the meantime, here, again, is the link to the full ranking of NHL affiliated prospects.

Curtis Isacke

Curtis is a Sound Of Hockey contributor and member of the Kraken press corps. Curtis is an attorney by day, and he has read the NHL collective bargaining agreement and bylaws so you don’t have to. He can be found analyzing the Kraken, NHL Draft, and other hockey topics on Twitter and Threads @deepseahockey.

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