This week, the Sound Of Hockey Podcast goes deep into the world of the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft. 

As you may have seen on, John, Andy, and Darren (with help from Josh and Jim) have been taking deep dives into NHL teams to try to understand which players each one may expose in the 2021 Expansion Draft. On the podcast, the guys have a hearty discussion about the teams covered so far and whether or not some of the bigger names out there may actually be feasible for the Kraken in their Expansion Draft. There are definitely some interesting nuggets, and a fair dose of #Minnutiae. 

Also on this week’s episode, the guys do a Mailbag segment to answer listener questions. 

They then move onto You Don’t See That Every Day (view the clips they discuss hereand here), Weekly One-Timers, and finally Tweets of the Week.